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I’m Daniel Farrell, a law and accounting student, basketball fan and politics tragic.

  This website used to be used for a lot more, now it’s more-or-less just a placeholder. Make sure you have a chat with me on Twitter, or check out my blog.

About Daniel

I’ve gone from, frankly, being a little s**t to being a somewhat functioning member of society. It does still shock me that someone allows me to adult though.

I am highly addicted to basketball, in particular that of the New Zealand Breakers. I do really enjoy the NBL in general to be honest. It’s an underrated league, particularly after the awesome changes of this season (2015/16). It also helps when the team you support has won four of the last five championships.

Politics is something I’ve always liked, from banter with friends about political things to watching Question Time in Parliament.  


I used to be involved with running a radio station, have been on the Board of a students’ association, and have lobbied on student issues. I’ve also been working in many different roles in various industries since 2007. 


I’m a huge sports fan. From the NBL and the Breakers, to the NBA and the Celtics, as well as the Patriots in the NFL, the Bruins and the Rangers in the NHL… To be honest, I’ll watch most sport if it’s on. I also play golf when I can (badly).

What I’m Doing

Right now, I’m trying to get my university studies finished in Hamilton, while working up in Auckland as well as doing my best to support the Breakers in any way I can!

What’s next?

Honestly, I have no idea what’s next. That’s hugely exciting, as well as a little frightening. Right now, I’m trying to find the right role for me once I finish my degree at the end of the year.